Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Conference shall collect and retain all necessary personal information necessary for the provision of the services it provides to the Church. Employees of the Conference shall collect, manage and maintain personal information in harmony with the requirements of this document.

While the management of the employee records of current and former employees is exempted from the requirements of the Privacy Act 1998, provided the use of such records is directly related to the employment relationship, employee records shall be managed in harmony with this document.

Purpose for Collection

The Conference collects information to enable effective administration of the Church. This information will be provided as required to the relevant entities of the Church and those authorised to act on their behalf. These include insurers and legal advisors. Information will also be made available to relevant government agencies where required by legislation or as part of any investigation by said agencies.

Nature of Information Collected
Personal information collected will include:

  • information relative to employment;
  • details required to arrange receipt of donations and grants; and
  • details required to arrange payments to suppliers.

Data collected may contain information taken from an employee record or sensitive information relevant to the purpose for which the data is collected.

Access to Personal Information

The Conference will provide details of personal information it holds to the individual to whom that information relates as required by National Privacy Principal 6 and make corrections when required. Information will not be provided where:

  • the information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings between the organisation and the individual, and the information would not be accessible by the process of discovery in those proceedings; or
  • providing access would be unlawful; or
  • providing access would be likely to prejudice an investigation of possible unlawful activity; or
  • other circumstances as allowed for by National Privacy Principle 6 apply.

Requests for the release of personal information must be made to the Conference General Secretary by the individual to whom the information relates or, if the person is a minor or someone incapable of acting on their own behalf, a parent, legal guardian or legal counsel, as appropriate. The Secretary must approve the release of information requested in harmony with this paragraph.

Managing Personal Information

All employees shall maintain the confidentiality of personal information. Specifically:

  • Personal information shall only be released to persons with a legitimate need to know.
  • Information released shall relate specifically to the purpose for which it is given. For example, it may only be necessary to disclose part of the information contained in one document in a file, not the entire document or file.
  • Employees shall take all reasonable care to prevent unauthorised access to personal information.
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